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This VL lists web resources on the moulding and the production of artistic casts of the body, almost invariably the human body.

Body casting is probably a better descriptive term, not least because it then includes 'death masks' and other post mortem castings. The term is though used in other contexts, not least in relation to car/automobile bodies.

Life casting (or lifecasting) had the advantage of limiting the term to a living being and excluding 'bodies' created in engineering. However, the term is now widely used for a form of video self-documentary …

In French, it is moulage du corps and in German Körperabformung.

Broader categories :


Association of Lifecasters International (ALI)
Includes a gallery of works, a directory of members, a discussion forum, ….
Deutsche Vereinigung der Körperabformer (DeVeK)
The German association of lifecasters. As of summer 2014, their website seems to be 'down'. Any news appreciated.


Cynthia Plaster Caster
An account of casting … muscians' manhoods.
Early Lifecasting
Dan Spector-s collection of annotated quotations from Millar's 1920 Plastering - Plain and Decorative.
Historic Development of Life Casting
A detailed account, also covering ancient works.
Nineteenth cenyury lifecasting
Photograph of Edouard Joseph Danton's (1848-1897), 1887, painting of a lifecasting studio Moulding from Life, plus various other paintings of the same era.
For further details see also the ALI page on the same work.

Second Skin : Life Casting in the 19th Century
Several pages produced for the Musée d'Orsay's 2001-2002 exhibition.

Instructors / courses

ALI Certified Lifecasting Instructors.
A listing of instructors certified by ALI with links to the workshops they offer.


(This section is under construction.)

ArtMolds Journal
Available in digital and print versions.
Body Casting Manual
Olivier Duhamel's book available in print or electronically.
Also available in French :
Manuel de moulage corporel.

Web discussion

ALI Forum
A forum by the Association of Lifecasters International.
Lifecasters Forum
A forum offered by Environ Molds.

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